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IVIrPorter and Lightwoods


So this is how we managed to Accumulate 72 mirrors (self.pathofexile)

submitted 3 hours ago * by IVIrPorter

This is how Lightwoods and I made so much currency. Most of our currency did not come from Ubers.

+3 6L bows with 30% DOT

Take any iLVL 64 bow, preferably a cheap 6 link with MS or high APS.

Roll single stat +2 bow gems

Add Cannot roll attack mods

Regal (safe cause the only prefix that can roll is +1 Gems)

If you hit the +1 gem good

if not exalt

after you hit +1 gem remove the Cat Mod and add the Leo mod for DOT

if you want Reroll the Leo mod until 30%

Exalt out the remaining suffixes

GG you now have a +3 Poison Arrow bow with 30% DOT worth 15 EX - 45 EX

+3 6L staff

Take any iLVL 55 staff.

master mod a suffix, regal a prefix until you hit +2 fire (35 regals and scours on average)

remove the suffix so you are left with a single stat rare +2 Fire

Multi Mod , No Cast, No Attack, Flat mana

Exalt Paragons (As it is all that can be added)

Remove mods

GG you now have a 6 Link +1 Gem +2 Fire 2 property 6 link staff sell for 35 - 50 Exalts

You can do many many more things with Master that most people don't even know. MASTERS OpieOP! lulz @ the ppl that don't lvl them.

p.s. We will make a video of how to do both the bow & staff.


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