So with all the talk revolving around the Drama/Scandal with Huma i figured id collect a-lot of the relevant posts so you guys can get a good idea of what all this juicy drama is about!

Here it is

*TLDR* some shady shit went down, team has no money, team Sold Santorin to another team in NA (LOL) lots of mud flinging going around, Riot may fine/sanction the team


Santorin was Sold by Huma to Ember


"After a heap of financial issues beset his former team, one of Europe’s bestChallenger junglers will return to North America in the hopes to qualify for theLeague Championship Series (LCS).

Team Huma and former Team SoloMid jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen will join North American Challenger squad Ember in the coming weeks, sources close to the player tell the Daily Dot. His Huma contract was bought out by Ember’s parent corporation Team Elemental, Inc. earlier this week."

Updated! there is now a response from santorin!


The past and the future - Thanks for supporting me guys, it means a lot! <3

Heeeey! I have decided to part ways with Huma(surpriseeeeeee). I had a few offers coming in and I felt like the situation in Huma was currently a situation I could not work with. There were a lot of issues within Huma, I do not want to go into details, but those issues created a huge distraction and didn’t allow me to focus on League. I felt like a lot of my time would be wasted on doing other things and it would eventually make me stressed because I would be working from I woke up till I went to bed and have conversations with different people during the night trying to solve the issues. 

As I said, there were a lot of issues on Huma, and some of them have been published, but I also want to say that the articles that have been released are not pure facts. There were things in those articles that I know weren't true, but obviously there is some truth to the article and that's the main reason I parted ways with Huma. 

I really enjoyed working with my 4 teammates(Holy, Godbro, Werlyb and Kaas), they were awesome people and they tried their hardest to make the team a success. Kubz and Kami worked hard to make the team stronger and I appreciate their hard work, especially considering they did not get anything out of it. I think they were one of the reasons why we were successful in the challenger series but sadly things did not work out the way we wanted it to. 

During the time on Huma I felt like we as a team were lied to A LOT. In the end, I did not know what to believe or not and when I originally was contacted by different teams, I had declined all offers because I felt like we finally had built something strong on Huma and we would, quite frankly, be dominant moving forward and easily make it into the LCS, but then some other things came up on top of everything else and I luckily still had my offers on the table and I decided to go with Ember because to me they were a great organization that I see a bright future on. I also know some of the players on the team very well(Goldenglue/Greyson and LOD/Benjamin), I worked with those two during my time on CST and I´ve missed playing with them a lot so I am happy being able to play with them again. The management on Ember also seemed very professional and the other players on the team (Stunt and Solo) seemed like nice people and me arriving yesterday proved my thoughts. 

All the players/management that I have met so far has taken me in with open arms and I am sure moving forward that I will be very happy on this team. I am very grateful for getting the opportunity I have received on Ember and I will do anything I can to make this work. I will hopefully prove a lot of people wrong, I think me being a green ward is not a thing anymore, I have improved a lot over the last few months and I am in a completely different state of mind where I now feel confident in myself again and therefore I think you can at least upgrade me to a Pink ward (Pinks have impact on the map). I will do my best to help Ember make LCS, it´s something we have in reach and we just have to work hard and we'll get there. I hope the best for my former teammates and I hope they can still manage to get into the LCS without me, I believe in them and I wish them the best in the future!

To all my fans out there, I am really happy that you've continued to follow and support me wherever I go and always believe in me and I can finally get back to streaming soon! I might not be streaming before playoffs/promotions are done, because I want to make sure I put everything into it and I want to make sure looking back that I know that I´ve done any and everything I could, but maybe I can get to stream a few times during this month, we will see! I won't promise anything though. Hope you are all having a good day and stay awesome! <3"


encase this is ever removed from google here is dentists points of view



I am sorry for yet again coming to you all with this, but I honestly was not aware of the pressure and urgency that I am under. Due to recent allegations made against myself (blaming me for the downfall of Huma, the situation the organization is currently in by misrepresenting Riot Games, sabotaging the Gaming House, partnership deals, the Bootcamp as well as lying on several other occasions,) I felt that it is necessary for me to release the following information about my time with Huma.


1) The Gaming House


I have been accused of sabotaging the process of acquiring a gaming house for the team, but this is far from the truth.


Initially the players had been promised a Gaming House for February and I began looking for houses in the middle of December. During the search I found one which I thought would be good for the team and had a conversation with Behdad discussing the costs and details of the place. (LOGS HERE) Unfortunately, Behdad was unable to pay for the 1st house I had found, and informed me that I would have to find something for $1500 cheaper.


With the new lower budget, I managed to find a new house and pasted Behdad the email on Skype. Again, Behdad asked for some cost details and it never amounted to anything        (LOGS HERE)


Not only was Behdad aware and involved in my search for a house, but he had also promised the players his company/organization would provide them with one. (LOGS HERE)


Finally, Behdad showed his intention to get a gaming house in a message sent directly to me on January 28th (LOGS HERE)


I did everything in my power to help the team find the best house possible and ultimately we were unable to secure one due to the organization’s lack of money. Behdad was constantly in communication with me and knew exactly what was going on in regards to the Gaming House. Keep in mind that additional to those conversations, we had hour long Skype Calls every day. He was aware of the security deposits, the rent costs and even the costs for furniture etc. He knew every number I knew and was fully aware of everything.

2) Partnership Deals


I have been accused of sabotaging partnership deals by not going directly to Behdad and negotiating them by myself.  As you can see, this is not the case. (LOGS HERE) I was given the Sector Six contact and immediately got into a discussion with them. As soon as I had an update, Behdad was notified. My goal in acquiring this partnership was so that we would have the funds to pay our coaching staff, which was Kubz and Kami. You can also see that Behdad agrees that using the money for this is a good idea. (LOGS HERE)


Nicole Manning has made the accusation that she gave me 3-5 partnership contacts that she was already in talks with while being in charge of the business development of Huma. She claimed that I did not do anything with them, just to sabotage the deals. She claimed there was a Computer company interested and something named 2K, that apparently would have taken over operating costs or something. I never got any contacts, I never got introduced to anyone and quite frankly, I'd be surprised if Nicole talked to anyone in the first place. This is further evidenced by a skype conversation we had some time later, where I asked her about both potential sponsors. (LOGS HERE)


If she had given me the contact of either company or had a potential sponsorship deal in place, would she not have asked me why the deal was never completed? The reason she cannot do this is because she never gave me any contact information. Fact of the matter, I never got ANY contacts of any potential partners from Nicole Manning, except for Sector Six, whom I contacted  right away and a partnership agreement was agreed on later in the process, which you can see in one of the screenshots above.


Nicole Manning made the accusation that I was sabotaging partnerships from the start. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that for the better part of my engagement with the Huma business development, Behdad wanted to sell the team to either Complexity or one of Nicole's dozens of investors that she talked to but never made anything happen. This means that signing partnership deals between Huma and potential sponsors or partners is not possible since at any time Behdad could have agreed to one of the Complexity offers or one of the offers Nicole got from her interested investors. Behdad was informed about this several times and definitely in the know. I don't spend hours and hours to negotiate partnership agreements that we ultimately can't fulfill from our side because in the case that the team gets sold and the organisation disappears, it puts me in a bad spot with the potential partners which is damaging for my personal career.


In the context of partnership sabotage, it was brought up that I did not give Behdad my completed business proposals. Yes, it is true that I told Behdad that I would not send him my proposals until I am contracted. My existence depends on being paid, so I was hoping this would give him incentive to speed up the contracting of the staff. Nicole also mentioned that it is strange that I contacted Strand (Huma graphics designer) to help me with graphics for a proposal. This proposal was a separate entity for Behdad. He wanted me to complete a business proposal that he could present to his family and beg for money. I did complete this proposal for him and Strand provided me with some excellent graphics. (LOGS HERE)

3) Bootcamp


The accusation was made that I lied about our bootcamp costs, never even contacted the bootcamp in the first place, or received an actual offer. I spoke directly with the German CaseKing contact and got the confirmation for price on February 9th, 9 days before our bootcamp was supposed to start. Link to our conversation is here but be warned it is all in German. (LOGS HERE)


I asked Behdad for his VAT identification number so that CaseKing could bill him for the bootcamp 2 days after I initially made contact, however Behdad did not have one. Please note that we had to block out the Company’s address for privacy purposes.



On February 12th, Behdad messaged me and was extremely confused as to why the players were upset both Kubz and Kami would not be there for the bootcamp. During this conversation, I also discussed costs with him, breaking it down for him once again: 1000Euro for the office and 3500Euro for hotel / house. We had to delay the bootcamp until March because Behdad could not afford to send the coaching staff to the bootcamp. He then asked for Casekings email so that he could introduce himself and explain the situation, which I gave him. He never sent them an E-Mail as can be found in the Caseking logs.  Instead of the Feb. 18th bootcamp which I had been asked to plan, I was forced to delay it and looked very foolish in front of CaseKing because Behdad was unable to pay for it. (LOGS HERE)  It was more than that, he didnt want to invest a “single penny” into the bootcamp. Because of the missing VAT and him not being able to pay for it, we delayed once again since “at the end of February, there is money”.


Nothing ever happened, he never sent me or Caseking a VAT number. He had all the information needed to book and organize the bootcamp himself and have everything confirmed by Caseking directly, if he would have spent the 5 minutes to write them the E-Mail he wanted to send.  

4) Salary


This is partially true. At the end of January I told Behdad that I have to leave a meeting to contact my parents and ask them for money so that I could pay for the rent for my apartment in February. Behdad told me he will pay the rent for this month and wire me the money. I asked him if it was a genuine offer to take over my rent and thanked him for it. The amount I ended up getting was obviously late and via PayPal and not even the full amount of the rent which ultimately made the mother of my girlfriend pay for my food and the missing amount of the rent. Kubz and Kami know about this, but I didn't tell the players that I am not able to pay for rent and food, this was due to self respect and ego – in the screenshots of the logs that prove this, you can also find information on Nicole Manning getting paid although no longer being involved with Huma and claiming to never getting paid in the first place. (LOGS HERE)      


5) Misrepresenting Riot (Illegal Contracts)


I don't even know where this comes from since Behdad was practically a part of every important group between Riot Games and Huma. Accusations have been made that I misrepresented Riot by telling and forcing Behdad to forge new contracts because otherwise we would have been disqualified. This is not a misrepresentation, because we would have been disqualified if we wouldn't have changed the contracts. The logs prove that this is true and that Behdad was part of that group and therefore knew about this not from me, but from Riot directly. (LOGS HERE)


It was also implied that the players at this point had the choice to leave and decided not to. First and foremost, this is not the case. I was never told to present the players this offer, quite the contrary. As this conversation between Behdad and me shows, he wanted to take legal actions against the players if he ended up losing the Challenger Series spot during the process. Not only was it in the best interest of the players and Huma to not get disqualified, changing the contracts and letting the players sign them was also in their very specific interest since otherwise Behdad would have taken legal actions against them. At this point, I had to react. (LOGS HERE)


Additional Information


Accusations aside, I felt that it would also be the appropriate time for me to release some more information on what happened during my time in Huma.


It has become public knowledge that Behdad was 19 days late paying the players in January. During the time leading up to this payment, Behdad informed me that he had to submit his yearly audit up until the 19th of January. This is why he had asked the players to wait for their payments. Furthermore, Behdad was constantly wanting to make his payments via Paypal instead of a direct bank transfer. (LOGS HERE) This was not the only time where Behdad wanted to pay players through Paypal (LOGS HERE)


In regards to the sale with Complexity, Behdad has claimed to never have been involved or aware of what was going on, and told players that the only reason that I wanted to make the Complexity sale happen was because I was promised a $6000 salary. As you can see in these logs, Behdad was not only aware of the discussions with Complexity, but he was active in the negotiations and knew the terms being discussed. He was fully aware that I was speaking to Complexity representing him and this can confirmed not only by the logs, but also from Kubz who was part of both sides of the meetings, who was in the Skype call with Complexity and Behdad. To elaborate the salary number - $6000 USD comes from the staff salary array in my initial operating budget that was part of the proposal I presented to Complexity and included $2000 USD salary for the 3 of us. Yes, this would have been to our benefit and yes, this would have been a massive raise going from $0 to $2000. (LOGS HERE)


Prior to our 1st EUCS match with Millennium, Riot informed us that the contracts which the players had signed were illegal and non-compliant with the Riot Agreement (screenshots of this are available above under the “Misrepresenting Riot” section.) When we were made aware of this, Behdad first threatened legal action in the case where the players did not sign.



It was also during this time where Behdad showed HIS INTENT TO LIE ON RIOT DOCUMENTS (LOGS HERE) Despite all of this, I made my best efforts to help the team stay in the EUCS because we were unsure of what the ultimate outcome would be if we did not fix the issue ASAP. (LOGS HERE)


When it comes to Nicole Manning, there are several things I would like to bring to the public's eye. Nicole has been very adamant in saying that she did not date Behdad, however she admitted their relationship to me several times. (LOGS HERE) On top of hiding their relationship and not telling anyone, she wanted me to not tell the players that she had planned on moving into the team house because they did not want her there. (LOGS HERE) In addition to this, she implied Behdad had had money issues (LOGS HERE) and then asked Behdad to lie to the players so she could save face and earn some good rapport with them (LOGS HERE)When she was finally backed into a corner, she STILL tried to force herself into the team. (LOGS HERE)


All of this was bad enough, but when she started being shady, I realized just how bad of a situation we were in. Part of this shadiness was that Behdad confirmed in a conversation with me that not only did he and Nicole lie to the players by telling them the contracts that they've signed were designed by a lawyer (which never happened), but that Nicole Manning, who took care of the writing of the contracts, kept the money Behdad send her FOR the contracts presumably for herself. (LOGS HERE)


When I was speaking to Complexity to attempt to negotiate a deal between them and Behdad, Nicole approached me and said that Chris Badawi was wanting to get involved and invest in the team. (LOGS HERE) After being adamant about how I did not think involving Badawi was a smart idea, Nicole came back the very next day with a new investor whom Chris had referred her too. Obviously this person would be investing on Chris Badawi’s behalf. (LOGS HERE) The final investor she claimed was not related to Badawi, however I have no idea if that is true or not. As you can see in the following 31 screenshots, Nicole Manning was claiming that an investor wanting to build from the ground up was interested in taking over Huma. It felt far too coincidental that the minute the Complexity deal was starting to progress, Nicole swooped in with these investors who wanted to overpay extreme amounts. Ultimately, none of the 3 investors Nicole was speaking to ever got into a meeting with me, despite Nicole saying that it would happen. I’ll leave you with the logs. (LOGS HERE)


The Conclusion


At this point, I don't know what has been given to Riot to ultimately get me competitive ruled again and to the players to convince them that I was the problem and not Behdad, but my conscience is clean. Not only did I try my absolute best to help them and fulfill my duties as their Manager, Coach, General Manager and whatnot, I also tried not to hurt Huma in the process in case Behdad does not sell and the players are stuck with him for the time being. I tried my absolute best to find a new home for them that would not put us into a position where the players and the staff gets released after succeeding our goal of qualifying for the LCS. I can't say for sure if I ever lied to them about something important, but I never intended to and after rereading what was going on together with Kubz and Kami, I can honestly say that I don't know of any situations where I tried to hurt the players. I love those guys and did my absolute best to not fail them, I did not try to manipulate or sabotage their success. That is absurd.  


When I heard about those accusations, I instantly contacted Kubz and Kami and opened up all of my accounts (I could not give them my Huma E-Mail since Behdad deactivated it, which can be found in the logs). Kubz and Kami knew about everything that had been going on, we had daily meetings in which we discussed everything and tried to come up with solutions as a team. They have read through all of my Skype conversations with Behdad, Nicole and the players and Kubz was part of many meetings with Behdad, Complexity and the players. They also helped me gathering, sorting and arranging this collection of screenshots.


To Werlyb, Santorin, Godbro, HolyPhoenix, Je Suis Kaas, Kubz and Kamikaz, it was great working with you and I hope that we can do it again under better circumstances.




SUMMARY OF NICOLE MANNING LOG SCREENSHOTS (Screenshots can be found in the “Nicole Manning” Folder of the download)


  1. Nicole and Behdad proof of relationship (Screenshots 1-2. 7-11)

  2. Nicole asking Karl not to tell players of her moving into team house (Screenshots 3-5, 15-16)

  3. More implications of their relationship (Screenshots 18-19)

  4. Nicole implies Behdad has money issues (Screenshots 21-22)

  5. Nicole asking Behdad to lie to players to give her good points (Screenshots 27-31)

  6. Nicole trying to force herself into the team (Screenshots 32-34)

  7. Chris Badawi Involvement (Screenshots 42-46)

  8. Person investing on Badawi’s behalf (Screenshots 48-55)

  9. More about Badawi Investor (55-57)

  10. Another random convenient investor (Screenshots 58-89)

  11. Broke his promise to Karl (eventually paid Karl, not in full, for rent. PAYPAL AGAIN. NO BANK TRANSFER) (Screenshots 87-89)

SUMMARY OF BEHDAD LOG SCREENSHOTS (Screenshots can be found in the “Behdad Logs” Folder of the download)

  1. Behdad and Karl were talking about gaming houses and Karl was going to see them. (Screenshots 2 - 10)

  2. Behdad threatened legal action in case the players do not sign. (Screenshots 11-18)

  3. Proves Karl was in talks with Sponsors and Behdad knew about this (Screenshot 20)

  4. Behdad shows intent to pay staff. (Screenshots 21-22)

  5. Behdad always wants to avoid bank transfers (removes bank transaction fee + taxes) (Screenshot 23-24)

  6. Behdad intends to lie on Riot documents (Screenshot 25)

  7. Behdad admits he only has enough money for player salary (Screenshot 26)

  8. Behdad says he will have funds by end of February (Screenshot 27)

  9. Behdad was aware our contracts were illegal and non-compliant with Riot Agreement (Screenshot 31)

  10. Proves that Karl did his best to help the organization stay in the EUCS (Screenshots 31-35)

  11. Karl told Behdad to give the underpaid players raises BEFORE even bringing up his own salary (Screenshot 36)

  12. Proof that Karl is looking for a gaming house and Behdad is aware (Screenshots 37-39)

  13. Behdad wrote to players promising gaming house and full accommodation (Screenshots 40-44)

  14. Starting at the end of January, Behdad knew that we were in talks with Complexity, approved it and Karl gave him everything he knew. Karl went into Complexity meetings representing Behdad. (Screenshots 45-47)

  15. Behdad intends to get a gaming house, sponsor and investor and wants Karl to handle all of this (Screenshot 50)

  16. Behdad is not only aware Complexity is interested, he is active in the negotiations and knows the terms involved (Screenshot 51)


Please Note: There are several folders in the Dropbox download, they include Logs pertaining to the Bootcamp, Behdad’s Malicious Intentions to convince Santorin to leave, Talks with CaseKing, Complexity, Contract Issues, Rent, Sponsor Fiasco, Taxes and Behdad / Nicole Logs from the last 3 months.


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