So Apparently Riot is about to Clear all chat bans and Removed all chat history in the league client.  Also you will now see the reasons for your bans via in-game client!!


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[Report] LOL Jeffery Lyn, "Starting from Patch 5.18, you can check why you got banned in client."

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On Sept 9th, Lyte presented the upcoming 'Instant feedback on toxic players' system that will be started in Patch 5.18 in Riverside hotel in SinsaDong, Korea

Lyte presented 2 main things:

  1. How to collect players' behavior patterns through 'Machine running'

  2. And 'Instant feedback system' based on 'Machine running'


Current punishment system

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Lyte also spoke about the recent 'player punishment system based on their behaviors.'

This was applied earlier this year and it was aimed at reducing intentional AFK or leaving to less than 5%.

Leaver system was based on the principle of 'verbal commitment.' That is to say, for whatever reason, if a player leaves, he/she gets a special message and has to actually sign 'I agree.'

Other punishment system was 'late queue.' Toxic players were forced to wait longer to play a game in order to make them experience how toxic players wasted other people's time / game.

Lyte claimed that about 19~34% of intentional leaves were reduced.

He also mentioned 'Instance feedback system' as another punishment system .

This was introduced 4 months ago and it covers instant feedbacks that Tribunal lacked.

He also said that a new instant feedback system that is based on 'how players can directly give feedbacks on bad / good players' and 'Honorable Summoner system.'


Punishment system awakening. New system that will be introduced with 5.18?

Lyte 3

Lyte said Riot is going to introduce a new system with 5.18.

He explained that through 'machine running' they were able to gather and analyze each country's culture and LOL-specific words.

Players will experience 4 things with this new system:

  1. Punished players can check instantly why they were punished using the client.

  2. Chat / Ranked restriction system is more strengthened.

  3. Automatic system that can prevent intentional trolling.

  4. Reward for good / well-mannered players.

The biggest thing was 'Punished players can check instantly why they were punished using the client.' From 5.18, the client will show exactly why they were banned, so players can get detailed information of their punishment.

Also, they can press 'Copy' button to share it with other players, which will impact other players' behaviors as well. He claimed that 91.6% of players who found out their punishment through this system improved their behavior.

Other one is improved chat / ranked restriction. If a player is punished by being toxic in ranked, that player will have to play a certain number of Normal games in order to play Ranked again.

Lyte said "In the past, we had to check cases ourselves, so we had to punish players with higher number of reports first. However, players will be punished faster with the new system."

Lyte also introduced a new system for players who would not change their behavior after getting punished. If he/she hasn't improved his/her behavior, then starting from Chat restriction for 10 games, it will go up to Chat restriction for 25 games, 2-week ban, then 30-day ban based on number of reports after his/her initial punishment.

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He also talked about automatic system that will prevent intentional trolling. Riot has been receiving numerous requests for punishing trolls and with 'Machine running' Riot focused on gathering info and analyzing trolls' behavior pattern.

This new system will be tested in Korean server first and players can check their email or client for the new system and exactly what play caused them to be punished.

'Troll prevention system' will start with 14-day ban and it can go up to 30-day ban.


Reward for well-mannered players. Limited Summoner Icon

Finally, Lyte described about a reward for good summoners; they will receive a limited summoner icon. He said that if Riot announces a random time period and exactly what event is going to be, then players can just control their behaviors only during that time period. So, this will be more like a 'surprise gift.' This was based on a behavior-psychology experiment that came to a conclusion of unannounced gift will reinforce positive behaviors.

Summoner icon pic?

This new summoner icon will be announced during 5.18 and players who were not punished for 3 months will automatically receive it. Lyte also promised more rewards for players who are well-mannered.


Lyte Q&A

Q: Can players who reported other players also receive a report?

A: We are actually preparing a system where reporting players can receive feedbacks also. And they will receive a notice if someone they reported gets punished. On top of that, we are trying to branch out more with this system for other uses.

Q: Did you say all chat records are going to be wiped?

A: We are wiping all previous chat records as we introduce 'mahine running' because that can punish toxic players more effectively.

Q: Every region has toxic players, but do Korean toxic players stand out more? Also why are you analyzing that point?

A: Every region has about the same number of toxic players and punishment level. However, each region perceives what is a 'bad play' differently.

Korea thinks intentional trolling is the worst. Other region thinks verbal abuse including racism is the worst. This difference can also be analyzed in many different angles using 'machine running.'

Q: It is an automatic system, got any plan to compensate those who will get punished by system errors?

A: The automatic system has 1/5000% chance of having an error. But, Riot employees are personally going to review every single punishment result. If an error occurs and a player gets punished for no reason, we are planning to contact him / her and revert the ban.

This actually happened once in Europe not too long ago, we fixed the issue that day. I do not think we need to give a compensation.

Q: Are you not running 'troll town' because you think trolls are also your users? Don't you think the punishment system is way too late due to not recognizing how serious of an issue this is?

A: Player behavior team was very small at first, but we were not slow due to lack of resources. We just didn't have any precedent of trying to improve players' behavior through analyzed data. We started gathering and analyzing data with other companies and universities before anything.

Good thing is that as soon as we introduced 'Instant feedback system', such a positive change happened. 40% of toxic players improved in EU North server. The important thing is how fast people can see the result once a specific system is implemented.

Also, we do not agree with a notion of 'we are just playing to have fun, so we don't care about other players.' Toxic behavior will be consistently and heavily punished. But, we put more emphasis on reforming them than punishing them.

Q: Two months ago, you wrote that toxic behaviors are present in 87% of normal players. How did you get that number?

A: It is based on 'negative biased(?)' that is famous in Psychology. It basically means negative events are remembered more. And our results also show that a player has to meet so many well-mannered players in order to erase a memory of one single toxic player.

Even our employee gets mad and says 'I just got trolled, what can I do?' But, when we actually looked at his records, he only had 1 troll game out of 100 recent games. Data shows that toxic players are minority, but having just 1 game with them is a lot more memorable, so we try to improve that aspect.


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