No Mans Sky is Great!

Written on 19/08/2016, 12:05 by Grackis

Watch live video from Grackis on Watch live video from Grackis on Watch live video from Grackis on Watch live...
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One of the Best OverWatch...

Written on 03/08/2016, 14:58 by Grackis  This guy writes some of the best Character guides i have read for Overwatch!...
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Happy Birthday Bard!! Cool...

Written on 12/03/2016, 14:02 by Grackis

WOW that bard penta tho  
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This is why you Ban Udyr

Written on 07/03/2016, 12:35 by Grackis

LOL oh my goodness    
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This is what NA LCS has become

Written on 29/02/2016, 17:28 by Grackis

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LOL Challanger Series Huma...

Written on 28/02/2016, 14:17 by Grackis

So with all the talk revolving around the Drama/Scandal with Huma i figured id collect a-lot of the relevant posts so you guys can get a good idea of what...
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GG riot, Breaks game again

Written on 28/02/2016, 00:06 by Grackis

you can clearly see him leave base with 5 stacks counting down, he gets to lane with 3 stacks still counting down, for a total of 6 uses of the pot.
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Yet Another Game Breaking bug!...

Written on 26/02/2016, 15:39 by Grackis

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FORG1VEN Interview Leaving...

Written on 26/02/2016, 13:52 by Grackis

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Pretty Amazing Yasuo Penta

Written on 26/02/2016, 13:49 by Grackis

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AHAHA Frog Music!

Written on 24/02/2016, 16:22 by Grackis

I just had to post this, its freaking hilarious!!!    
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Street Fighter V Hits All time...

Written on 24/02/2016, 14:41 by Grackis

  Street Fighter V is really starting to take off! According to Event Hubs it is already prone to be the most entrants into EVO ever.   If you are into...
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League of Legends Patch 6.4...

Written on 24/02/2016, 13:55 by Grackis

Champions Ahri Charm no longer stops dashes in their tracks. Ahri's been strong for a long time, and it's not hard to see why. Her mobility,...
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2More Amazing LoL Tools!!

Written on 19/02/2016, 15:04 by Grackis

Overwolf Provides a VERY Powerful overlay tool for lots of games, but particularly in league its amazing for the ability to instantly lookup all the players...
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Most Amazing Site for LoL Stats...

Written on 19/02/2016, 12:44 by Grackis

This new Statistical Website has some of the most useful stats i have seen on a site in recent history, use it to track improvements or losses in personal...
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Pretty Cool Song for Made for...

Written on 17/02/2016, 16:27 by Grackis

Pretty cool Beats! Ravage Oriana :D
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Fnatic to create a LoL challenger...

Written on 17/02/2016, 16:19 by Grackis

Anyone looking for a Team? Looks Like Fnatic is...
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Grackis Goes SS3 and Trolls some...

Written on 16/02/2016, 16:10 by Grackis

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Yet Another Game Breaking Bug Thanks...

Written on 16/02/2016, 13:42 by Grackis

Thanks Riot for Another Game Breaking bug, ZZrot portal infinite invisible undying minions
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Woodbuck released as Head Coach of...

Written on 16/02/2016, 13:02 by Grackis Was told tonight that I was no longer needed as the Head Coach for TSM. Out of respect for the...
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Grackis Penta Malz

Written on 15/02/2016, 16:46 by Grackis

Grackis Scores PEnta on Malz Season 6
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New Champ Kindred

Written on 15/09/2015, 15:55 by Grackis We’re almost ready to breathe life into League’s next champion, a marksman...
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KR Teams Charging...

Written on 10/09/2015, 12:32 by Grackis

Soooo..... Apparently most of the Korean teams are charging NA/EU/Others $5,000 Per scrim... I mean holy shit Maybe people will stop Sucking KRs D and...
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Riot Clears all Chat Bans?

Written on 10/09/2015, 11:48 by Grackis

So Apparently Riot is about to Clear all chat bans and Removed all chat history in the league client.  Also you will now see the reasons for your bans via...
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Written on 09/09/2015, 20:26 by Wrath

Are you tired of paying full price for games? Well there are a variety of places out there that will help mitigate that problem. This place is just one of...
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Project Over Drive, Riot Games

Written on 08/09/2015, 16:36 by Grackis

Ok Lets all Be honest guys.... Can a company Make something this amazing, or Hire a company to make something this amazing, and NOT expect the community to...
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ESPN Hiring E-Sports

Written on 04/09/2015, 11:48 by Grackis

Job Posting Title General Editor, eSports Job Description Working at ESPN is unlike anything else. That’s because we’re always finding new ways...
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Comeback Kids?

Written on 02/09/2015, 16:27 by Wrath

Congrats to C9 and their amazing comeback, GL at worlds. Read and watch their triumph over Team Liquid here
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Halo 5 Opening Cinematic

Written on 01/09/2015, 12:01 by Grackis

 Halo 5 opening Trailer released!!    
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Battlefront Open BETA

Written on 01/09/2015, 11:30 by Wrath

Sometime in October of this year Battlefront will have an open beta!! Read here    
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TL Coach Calls it Quits?

Written on 01/09/2015, 10:32 by Grackis

Will TL's Coach Peter Zhang Call it quits?  After his team failed to qualify for worlds Peter Zhang has announced his intention to take full blame and quit...
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Battlefield Friends=AWESOME!!

Written on 31/08/2015, 19:44 by Wrath

Even if you dont like the game these are amazing. This is the whole series. Dip, dip, potato chip. Dip, dip, potato chip.
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Most Amazing Video EVER

Written on 25/08/2015, 16:42 by Grackis

Most Cutest Awesomest Doggy EVERRR
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CLG Wins NA Championship!

Written on 24/08/2015, 20:31 by Grackis

CLG Wins NA LCS Finals, First Time EVER!
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PoE insane loot

Written on 22/08/2015, 10:11 by Grackis

 lol check this out    
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HCoreGamers official 7d2d

Written on 21/08/2015, 17:29 by Grackis

WE have an official Server up!! Pass:HCG111  
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LOL Patch 5.16 notes

Written on 19/08/2015, 13:15 by

  Juggernauts Garen, Darius, Skarner and Mordekaiser have received gameplay updates. We’re calling them juggernauts. Any time we make an update,...
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2 People Make 72Mirrors!

Written on 18/08/2015, 16:49 by Grackis

As reproted by...IVIrPorter and Lightwoods   So this is how we managed to Accumulate 72 mirrors (self.pathofexile) submitted 3 hours ago * by...
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Arche Age FINALLY??

Written on 18/08/2015, 11:42 by Grackis

Server Transfers & Evolutions: Everything you need to know August 14, 2015 The long-discussed moment is almost upon us, Adventurers! Whether...
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Blade and Soul Live!

Written on 18/08/2015, 10:27 by Grackis

Watch live video from Grackis on
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WOW this Acting...

Written on 17/08/2015, 13:26 by Grackis

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This is What makes POE Fun

Written on 17/08/2015, 12:33 by Grackis

HAHA oh no i killed both portals!
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Blade & Soul PVP

Written on 17/08/2015, 12:03 by Grackis

 As reported at HERE   Today | Update World PvP Gameplay features of factions explained Martial artists must choose a faction to...
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Amazing Time killing Game: Killing...

Written on 17/08/2015, 00:04 by ScYx17

Check out the gameplay this game is really fun!  
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Check out this Awesome Blade and...

Written on 15/08/2015, 22:38 by ScYx17

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HCG Guild Coming to...

Written on 12/08/2015, 19:43 by Grackis

 Blade & Soul coming to NA Market HCGamers will be running a guild!  Sign up here!
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Written on 12/08/2015, 14:33 by Grackis

As reported at... RiotCompetitive COMPETITIVE RULING: XIAN “XIAOWEIXIAO” YU By Hunter ''Riot Hebble'' Leigh - Tue...
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Gleeb Retires!!

Written on 12/08/2015, 14:26 by Grackis

Gleeb calling it Quits!
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Dyrus Announces Possible...

Written on 10/08/2015, 11:48 by Grackis

Dyrus Announces during this interview that he plans on retiring at the end of the year!! big news!  
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Bob's Quad Curser 2.0

Written on 05/08/2015, 15:19 by Grackis

Hey guys, just wanted to share Bobs Quad Curser with you! pretty fun / good build (if you have friends) Passive Skill Tree  
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